PUNIQUE’s beginnings were rooted from love for beautiful art. It is a creation that takes heart and passion into every detail to create beautiful customized, unique and timeless woven pieces where love for art is evident.
PUNIQUE came from the word Puni, a traditional art of weaving buli leaves through folding and plaiting. Our appreciation for this traditional artistic process is our inspiration, which we aim to revive and sustain through generations. We also take pride in using indigenous Philippine materials to help boost the living of local farmers. We commit to promote Puni art as an iconic Philippine craft by continuously innovating on our designs and utility for both local and international market.
Behind these beautiful creations are women whose heart and passion for art are remarkable. PUNIQUE supports the empowerment of these women by providing sustainable livelihood through Puni, a traditional art of weaving buli leaves by folding and plaiting.
We believe in green living and we appreciate the beauty of nature. Hence, we provide a beautiful alternative to picking fresh flowers that will in turn help promote the protection of our environment. PUNIQUE uses dried buli leaves which can last for years.

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